The wearable arts of Feuillemorte Costumery are created by Svenja Niehaus, costume designer based in Berlin, Germany.

"Feuillemorte"? What's that?

On first sight, this might be a complicated term, unusual to describe costume design. "Feuillemorte" is of course french and pretty much undescribable in other languages. It describes the colour of dead leaves, as well as "feuilles-mortes" are transcribed as dead leaves themselves.

Though that may sound a tad bid morbid, it's more likely beautiful in a melancholic way. I am personally fascinated with the aesthetics of these ephemeral matters: they are gorgeous because of their rich past and by being imperfect. That is also what lead me to center my maspter project, "Shapes of Decay", around the subject of transience.


I am experienced, in working in theatre, film and photography; of course I am always interested in opportunities to work on new exciting projects. 

Also, most of my costumes and outfits are available for rental, in case they are still in my possession.

The rentable costumes are in most cases open for sale. Now and then, there are also sample sales, which will be announced on social media. Individual pieces based on commissions are also a possibility. Just get in touch with me via mail for further information.


About the Creator

Svenja Niehaus studied Costume Design in Master class at University of Applied Arts in Hamburg, Germany.

Besides these studies, the costume design project “Feuillemorte Costumery“ started in 2016. Since then, extravagant ideas and schemes are hatched and happily presented to a small, growing audience.

Since 2019, she is working maily as costume design assistent in one of Berlin's theatres while working as a freelancer on own projects and commissioned pieces.

"For me, making costumes is not just craft – there is artistic value in each and every piece I create. Thereby, I also identify as an artist and define my work as wearable art. Every production is a dynamic, creative process.


This is what makes costume creation so special for me: By setting and overcoming one‘s own limits, there is unlimited potential for personal and skill growth. One may be working as a costume maker for dozens of years and still there will me new stuff to discover."