Corset Sample Sale


As I usually work by commission only, there is no shop to buy my creations from.

However, from time to time older corset samples will be sold off with a more favorable price as they are not made-to-measure. Most of them were worn for photoshootings only.

Be aware that all of these beauties are unique pieces!


As of now, exclusive shipping to Germany and Europe.


If you are interested in one of them, you can write a mail using the contact form or just PM me on Instagram.

"Fern Garden" - Reserved -

Couture Corset Top with neckholder and a long bow in the back.

Shimmering fern green silk and white lace appliques.

Made with spiral steel boning and a wide steel busk.


Only light waist reduction but therefore a lot of wearing comfort.



Waist: 63cm / 24"

Bust: 92cm / 36"

Underbust: 78cm / 30"

Hip: 90cm / 35"

Length (Waist to bottom): 18cm / 7"

Length (Full corset part): 35cm / 13"

Length (Full): 61cm / 24"


Price: 250 €

"Sans Ventre rosé"

Reproduction of historical sans ventre or S-line pattern with modern couture elements.

Rosé colored silk and matching lace.

Made with spiral steel boning and a wide steel busk.

Featuring a total of 4 suspenders in front and sides.


Heavier waist reduction and flat stomach area. Midi-bust. Also useable as historical undergarment.



Waist: 59cm / 23"

Bust: 88cm / 34"

Hip: 97cm / 38"

Length (Waist to bottom): 25cm / 10"

Length (Full): 44cm / 17"

Price: 280€

"Lacy Treasure" Longline

Couture Corset dress, extending over the hips. Featuring a neckholder, detacheable pearl strings, decorative stitching and bead emboridery.

Apricot coloured, soft wild silk, golden lace and pleated black chiffon at the neckholder area.

Made with spiral steel boning and cups. No front opening.


Only light waist reduction.


Combination advice: best to wear single or with ruffled or voluminous skirt or train.



Waist: 63cm / 24"

Bust: 91cm / 36"       D-Cup

Underbust: 76cm / 30"

Hip: 104cm / 41"

Length (Waist to bottom): 34cm / 13"

Length (Full): 73cm / 28"

Price: 380€

"Roderick" Men's Waistcoat

Egelant Men's Corset in design of a waistcoat, made of black satin coutil and black flower broche. It is boned with two sprial steel bones each side of a seam and allover decoratively reinforced with small wood bones, similar to a rococo stay.

Black busk in the center front.



Waist: 81cm / 32"

Bust: 99cm / 39"

Hip: 95cm / 37"

Length (Waist to bottom): 13cm / 5"

Length (Cleavage): 35cm / 14"

Length (Full): 59cm / 23"


Price: 290 €