Queen of the Night Sky

This extravagant Burlesque Design features a mostly transparent corset with fully functional fan lacing in the back.

The fan lacing is not only an eye catcher - on stage, it also makes a unique show to easily untie your corset by just sliding the buckles. Large sparkling tassels are marking the ends of the fan lacing waist tapes.


Hundreds of pearls in different sizes make a contrast to the sheer delicate transparency of the basic corset. And in addition, rhinestones sparkle in between the pearls to make it the night sky it's named after.


Also part of this costume are several layers of skirts - the tight upper skirt being placed over the waist of the corset to later reveal enchanting straps and suspenders.



Worn by the gorgeous Kiki la Bise.

The coat has been made by Golden Treasure.

Magnolia Bloom

Shining beauty that unrevels in time - the bloom process of a magnolia flowerbud is the central theme around this unique burlesque costume.


The skirt consists of two layers of flower petals, which are - each at a time - opened to reveal the performer.

The then shown corset is shaped after the petals of a flower as well, making it the centerpiece of the ensemble.


Worn by the wonderful Tiare Noire.









Photography by Gerrit Meier